# What is geniish?

geniish is a multi-chain protocol and platform that delivers confidential NFTs for everyone creating exclusive content through Oasis Parcel technology. Our vision is to extend the NFT space by offering an accessible way to link NFTs with exclusive content for the collectors.

One of the biggest problems for NFTs arises when creators want to offer exclusive content to their collectors. Current solutions solve this by hosting the exclusive content centralized on servers that check the signature of the collector's wallet. geniish uses Oasis Parcel to allow a fully decentralized way to access exclusive content.

With geniish you can create confidential NFT collections that have images, music, videos, files and more attached to them only accessible by the NFTs holder. Easily created and viewed on our dApp.

Our vision is to become the world's privacy enabled NFT protocol powering the next evolution of NFT utilities.

# Decentralized unlockable content

Let's start with a quick overview of traditional NFTs. An NFT is a unique digital asset that cannot be replaced with something else. Owning an NFT is essentially a proof of ownership of the digital content and there can only be one owner at one time. Confidential NFTs operate just like regular NFTs, but also confer access to data that is entirely private. The protocol is pushing the boundaries of privacy and unlocking the next innovation of NFT utility, as of today, every NFT content is accessible to everyone.

Geniish offers decentralized unlockable content, where the hidden content is only accessible to the owner of the NFT. The protocol introduces the ability to create data-backed NFTs with dynamic assets and adds new functionalities to the current NFT landscape. By enabling access controls, content creators can now add hidden encrypted data into their NFTs. Such data can include images, music, videos, files, in-game assets and more.

The protocol gives creators ownership of their data and full control over the distribution of their content. Artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, developers, metaverse, ticketing, certificates, memberships, and many more can benefit from these new features powering NFTs.

Geniish technology enables NFTs to offer much more than just standalone pieces. We are empowering artists and collectors to add value and infuse creativity into NFTs and thus enhancing the overall trading experience.

With the introduction of confidential NFTs, creators can now offer "secret" content which is only accessible to the owner of the NFTs. This can be hidden data behind the public accessible information.

# Native confidential ownership

Geniish also adds an extra layer of confidentiality by enabling anonymous NFT ownership. The protocol ensures that nobody can see who owns an NFT and provides fully private transactions, allowing users to protect their identities.

# Getting started

Take a look at our demo to experience the DApp on testnet and stay tunned for the integrating our SDK and APIs.


geniish is still in development. See our roadmap and join our community to stay up to date.